Mortgage Renewals

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As your mortgage term approaches, the most important thing you should know is that this:

Do not sign your renewal offer without first shopping around for a better rate!


The hard truth is, many banks and financial institutions rely on people being lazy and poorly informed when it comes to negotiating their mortgage payments. A 2015 mortgage consumer study reinforced this when it revealed that over 50% of homeowners renewed their mortgages without negotiating better terms.

The savings you could earn by renewing and renegotiating your mortgage are very big! After all, by now you have spent years investing into your home and establishing equity- you deserve a rewarding rate when renewal time comes. Yet we often see clients who have renewed at a rate that is not only the same, but higher than what they can get with a conversation and a little more paperwork with a Broker. The banks rely on this.

You could be leaving thousands of dollars on the table.

We know it’s easy to sign on the dotted line, mail in the paperwork, and be done with it. Which is why we are committed to making the mortgage renewal process as uncomplicated, quick, and easy to understand as possible. Switching lenders doesn’t have to be difficult with our help.

At River City Financial, we leverage your mortgage payment history to gain the most favourable rates, terms, and conditions for your individual needs. We do this by tapping into our powerful network of over 50 lenders, banks, credit unions and financial institutions- we may even work with your current bank!

Think of us as your personal mortgage negotiator.

Because mortgage brokers are paid by lenders (the bank) and not borrowers (you), renewing your mortgage with a broker is truly a mutually beneficial arrangement. Mortgage brokers have the expertise and industry knowledge to understand the factors influencing your mortgage application and advocate on your behalf.

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What is a mortgage renewal?

A mortgage renewal happens when the term expires on your current mortgage. Mortgages rates in Canada are set for terms of expiry of 3, 5, 7, 10 years.

Mortgage renewal time is the ideal time to shop around for better mortgage rates or re-negotiate financing with your current lender.  It’s a good idea to enlist the help of a mortgage broker for either option since they are mortgage experts who can advise you of the pros and cons of your options, explain industry jargon, and generally look out for your best interests- at not cost to you!

Why You Should Renew Your Mortgage With River City Financial


River City Financial owner, Accredited Mortgage Broker, and Master Mortgage Educator Yvonne Wilchewski will compare the renewal offer from your current institution among a variety of options within our network of over 50 lenders. With the benefit of over 26 years of experience in the Edmonton mortgage industry, Yvonne knows how to find the best mortgage plan for any homeowner. She will investigate your needs, and short & long term plans so that you don’t make a costly mistake at renewal.

By enlisting Yvonne’s help with your mortgage renewal, you not only have the benefit of comparing your offer against dozens of other financial institutions, you have peace of mind knowing a mortgage professional is looking out for your best interests. Let us determine the best and most affordable mortgage for you, rather than accepting your current offer at face value.

River City Financial has a long track record of exceeding client expectations and saving them thousands of dollars. We know this city, we know the lenders within it, and we know mortgages. Please review our testimonials for further proof of our ability to get you the best mortgage in Edmonton!

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What’s Next ?

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