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A real estate purchase, whether it is your first home, your forever home or an addition to your investment portfolio, is one of the largest financial decisions you will make. The right financing for your purchase is key to your success. It is critical that you look at more than just the current benefits you are receiving from your mortgage.  You must look beyond the present and consider the future impacts of your financing decisions.

The right mortgage for you will have features and benefits that consider the different “what ifs” that can happen. What if I change jobs and I have to move? What if I need a bigger (or smaller) home because of changing circumstances? What if interest rates change? What if the economy changes?

As “Your Mortgage Architect” I can guide you through these different “what ifs” and show you financial scenarios that reflect the different possibilities. You will be able to make a fully informed decision on the financing that works for you. With access to most major banks, credit unions and private lenders providing a multitude of ways to help you, together we will build the right mortgage for you, for today and for the future.


As an experienced real estate investor personally, with a portfolio of investment properties, I can use my expertise to guide investors, whether you are just starting out or you have properties already, through the process of developing a financial plan that provides the best value and optimizes access to lending opportunities. Learn how choosing the order of lenders for your financing can impact your sources of funding. Learn what lenders need to know to make your application a success.

If you are an investor using “Rent To Own” strategies I can assist your clients with qualification and debt counselling services. I can provide guidance on what lenders look for in both a RTO contract and the payment of deposits so that there are no surprises when your clients apply for a mortgage.

Learn how an “Agreement For Sale” may be a creative strategy to implement when buying or selling a property.

Learn how the structure of a “Joint Venture” deal can impact financing options. Learn about who needs to be on title and the questions lenders are asking.


If you are 55+ years and own your own home, learn how your home can pay you back and provide the funds for a better lifestyle or to help your children/grandchildren. Many options are available to receive monthly payments, lump sum payments or a combination of both. Learn how you can rid yourself of high interest debt and not make any payments.

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As a Licensed Mortgage Broker, I am compensated by the lenders and it costs you nothing for my expertise and service. It is always free to talk about Real Estate!

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